Shanghai Ftherm Machinery Co,.LTDFtherm® Machinery is located in Shanghai, China. Company Since 1996, it is a provider of applications, services and equipment for scraped surface heat exchangers in food processing, margarine, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. Ftherm Machinery has several series of scraped surface heat exchangers, namely Ftherm® X series SSHEs, Ftherm® Plus series SSHEs, Ftherm® T series SSHEs, Ftherm® A series SSHES, and the derived extension of Ftherm® G series gelatin extruder, Ftherm® Lab experimental scraped surface heat exchangers.

Ftherm® machinery has a wide range of scraped surface heat exchangers and specifications, with a single heat exchange area ranging from 0.08 square meters to 7.0 square meters, which can be used to produce medium-low viscosity to high-viscosity products, whether you need to heat or cool the product, crystallization, pasteurization, retort, sterilization, gelation, concentration, freezing, evaporation and other continuous production processes, you can find a scraped surface heat exchanger product in Ftherm Machinery.

Where, Ftherm® A + B + C or Plus + B + CH units forms a margarine production line, which can produce tabe margarine, shortening, puff pastry margarine and other products. The structure of Ftherm scraper heat exchanger is unique. After long-term optimization, it has high equipment stability, and the fineness and finish of the products are leading in China.

Where, Ftherm® X-Series SSHEs absorbs the advantages of USA SSHEs, Sweden SSHEs and UK SSHEs. It is tailored for customers. It has the advantages of simple and practical structure, convenient use, good reliability, safety and hygiene, easy cleaning, flexible installation mode, long service life and low maintenance cost.

Where, Ftherm® T series vertical double scraped surface heat exchanger absorbs the advantages of equipment in the Torlet. In the form of vertical unit, it provides a large heat exchange area. At the same time, it can save valuable production floor area.