Process your food product of any kind with Ftherm

2022-05-20 08:46:29 Ftherm Machinery

Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Food manufacturers count on Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger to stay on the pulse of their markets. Whatever the food application, our heat exchanger enable the supply of products to consumers at competitive prices, while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and desired taste and colour qualities of the product.

Meat products processing Mechanically Deboned Meat Processing Cooling

Cooling mechanical deboned meat (MDM) or sausage pasteurisation is no problem for the Ftherm SSHE Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger.

Mashed Potato processing

Cooling mashed potatoes inline, so you are able to process in o croquettes or potato smilies, is ideal.

The high viscosity is no issue due to the scraper- and the continuous mixing principle. Also read our business case here.

Soup processing

Cooling soups before packaging or heating and boiling soup to extent shelf life? Use Ftherm SSHE for processing it in line with a high capacity.

Tomatensaus rondSauce processing

Our equipment help processing viscous, creamy or smooth sauces, with particles up to 25 mm without damaging the product whatsoever.

Dairy processing

Pasteurize, sterilize, heat or cool dairy in any form with Ftherm SSHE, whether it is milk, pudding, curd, sour cream, yoghurt, butter, cream cheese or any other milk containing product.

Spreads processing

Hummus and other spreads are hot and hip! Cool it with Ftherm SSHE and spread it under your customers. Heat it and your customers will enjoy it even longer due to a longer shelf life.

Peanut Butter processing

Cold filling your peanut butter is better, because there isn’t any moist in the package left for the bacteria to grow.

Jam & Fruit Juice processing

Jams with particles? Fruit juices with a high concentrate of (natural) sugars? Processing Jam Of course Ftherm SSHE can handle it. We don’t want the machinery to corrode, so we work with Duplex when the product demands it. Process your jam and marmalade inline with Ftherm SSHE.

Caramel and Chocolate processing

Tempering your chocolate to give it that nice shiny look? Process it inline with Ftherm SSHE. Even that sticky caramel isn’t a problem. Heat it or cool it, it is up to you and your process demands.

Fatcrème processing

Fatcrème is often used in confectionary and bakery industries. Ftherm SSHE is used a lot in this field of operations. Read our proven business case here.

Other food related products

Do you would like to heat, cool, temper, pasteurize or sterilize another product? Please let us know so we can inform you about the possibilities with Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger.