Ftherm® starch gelatinization system

2022-06-24 21:59:02 Ftherm Machinery

Ftherm  starch gelatinization system

low fat & vegan meets high performance

low-fat mayonnaise, vegan dips, “clean and green” sauces – the new ftherm starch gelatinization system helps you gain access to the ever-growing market of trend foods. ready for the next step? let’s take your production to a new level – from cold to hot processing to a fast and efficient continuous line.


a smart addition to batch systems

while the ftherm starch gelatinization system prepares the culi using hot-swell starch and native wheat starch, full-fat mayonnaise can be processed in the maxxd. subsequently both products are gently mixed to obtain a high-quality low-fat mayonnaise – at a continuous output rate of up to 2 t/h. this smart modification gives the possibility to save on raw material costs and increase your process capacity, a win-win!


save cost, increase flexibility, stay clean

the use of less expensive hot-swell starch and native starch compared to cold-swell starch does not only provide a cost advantage, but also meets the increased interest in o clean label products, since native starch is not considered an additive. additionally, the heating of the starch phase comes with a secondary benefit: the heat applied for starch gelling is basically a pasteurization process which leads to higher food safety and longer product shelf life.