Process animal feed with Ftherm® Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

2022-06-24 22:12:30 Ftherm Machinery

Scraper Heat Exchanger


Feed manufacturers count on Ftherm  Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger to stay on the pulse of their markets. Whatever the feed application, our heat exchanger enable the supply of products to cats, dogs and other animals around the world, while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and desired taste and colour qualities of the product.


Cats and dogs are more and more an important part in our lives. Demand for quality pet food is growing with it. Ftherm SSHE’s Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger can help you to process the pet food at the quality the customer demands nowadays.


Animal Feed Processing Processing Pet Food

After mixing the ingredients, animal feed is heated with Ftherm SSHE’s Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger in the preconditioner phase, before it will be further processed through the extruder, drying oven, cooler and coating. Let Ftherm SSHE be the important link in your animal feed process.


Cat/Dog Food with Jelly Meat

Heating or cooling cat and dog food with jelly inline is no problem for the Ftherm SSHE. Meat up to 25 mm will not be damaged and the structure remains. The high viscosity is no issue due to the scraper- and the continuous mixing principle.


Process fresh meat for pet food Jelly Cat food

The best solution for cooling soft meat by-products from slaughtering or fish by-products is the Ftherm SSHE Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, which is specially designed for cooling high viscous, sticky and particle containing products like pet food.


“Ftherm SSHE’s Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger cools aseptic without any air contact during the process”

Other feed related products

Do you would like to heat, cool, temper, pasteurize or sterilize another feed related product? Please let us know so we can inform you about the possibilities with Ftherm SSHE’s Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger.