Quench kneading pilot test margarine machine

2022-07-28 20:41:41 Ftherm Machinery

Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Ftherm for fat crystallization ® Pilot plant - small scraper heat exchanger system

Ftherm ® Lab pilot plant is equipped with high-pressure pump, quencher, kneader and rest tube. The test equipment is suitable for crystalline fat products such as margarine and shortening.

In addition, ftherm ® Lab pilot plant can be used for heating, cooling, pasteurization and sterilization of food, drugs and chemical products.

Flexibility: ftherm ® Lab pilot plant is an ideal choice for crystallization and cooling of various foods. This highly flexible device uses efficient freon as the cooling medium,

It has higher capacity and lower energy consumption.

Easy to scale up: the pilot plant provides you with the opportunity to process small-scale samples under the same conditions as large-scale production facilities.

Available products: margarine, shortening, margarine, cake and cream margarine, butter, compound butter, low-fat cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate filling.