Serie de enfriadores refrigerados por agua ftherm

La unidad está equipada con compresor Bezier de marca alemana, que garantiza un funcionamiento sin problemas durante muchos años.

The unit is equipped with German brand Bezier compressor as standard to ensure trouble free operation for many years

The design scheme of this refrigeration unit is specially tailored for the characteristics of ftherm quencher and combined with the characteristics of oil processing process to meet the refrigeration demand of oil crystallization

The refrigeration temperature of the medium layer of the quencher can be adjusted infinitely at - 20 ℃ ~ - 10 ℃, and the output power of the compressor can be adjusted intelligently according to the refrigeration capacity consumption of the quencher, so as to meet the needs of more varieties of oil crystallization while saving energy

Emergency stop protection, extreme low voltage protection, extreme high voltage protection (analog quantity protection), unit high voltage, unit low voltage and unit cooling protection

The operation of each compressor is balanced according to the cumulative operation time of each compressor to prevent one compressor from running for a long time and the other compressor from running for less time

The high-pressure alarm pressure and low-pressure alarm pressure of the whole unit can be set on the touch screen. When the set value is reached, the unit will stop working and output fault alarm (this alarm is used to stop the operation of external interlocking equipment and prevent liquid hammer)

Ftherm refrigeration unit for SSHEs