Tempering-Give your chocolate that nice shine and snappy bite

2022-05-19 19:34:44 Ftherm Machinery

Tempering is applied in the manufacture of chocolates. The three main reasons to temper are: Chocolate temper Heat Exchanger


Ensure product quality

Give the nice and shiny gloss and snappy bite to the product

Enable handling of liquid chocolate

Why tempering your chocolate?

Cocoa butter can exist in various crystalline forms, which if left untempered transform in o unstable forms that impact severely on production capability and product quality. The tempering process ensures that the crystallisation of the fat occurs in o stable forms which enables products to be manufactured with good gloss, hardness or snap and delays the formation of grey white spots on the surface known as fat bloom.


Why using a Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger?

Tempering has two stages: 1. Melting of the fat crystals by heating it above 40°C and then cool it down to below 30°C.

Cooling Chocolate Heat Exchanger


When you use a Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, the product will be heated and cooled very efficient and homogeneous way, due to the continuous scraping and mixing principle. The chocolate cannot crystallize onto the surfaces, because of the same scraping principle. Also the cover is scraped, so no product can accumulate there.


Because of the two stages of tempering, you’ll need a Ftherm for heating your chocolate and one for cooling it down. The Ftherm can be linked together for maximum convenience.