• Quench kneading pilot test margarine machine

    Ftherm ® Lab pilot plant is equipped with high-pressure pump, quencher, kneader and rest tube. The test equipment is suitable for crystalline fat products such as margarine and shortening.

    2022/07/28 Ftherm Machinery

  • Ftherm® CH Pin Rotor/Kneading

    The Ftherm® CH Pin worker/Kneading adopts a pin-type stirring structure to ensure that the material has sufficient stirring time to break the network structure of solid fat crystals and refine the crystals. The motor is a speed-adjusting motor, and the stirring speed can be adjusted according to different solid fat content, which can meet the production requirements of various formulas of artificial cream manufacturers according to market conditions or the needs of consumer groups.

    2022/07/28 Ftherm® Machinery

  • Specs and Facts

    Ftherm Machinery makes a heat transfer calculation based on the properties of your specific product, its initial temperature and the desired final temperature.

    2022/07/28 Ftherm Machinery

  • Features and Principles of Ftherm® T Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

    The Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE) is commonly utilized in aseptic processing of foodstuffs. These heat exchangers are preferred because of their capability to process heat-sensitive.

    2022/06/24 Ftherm Machinery

  • Process animal feed with Ftherm® Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

    FeedFeed manufacturers count on Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger to stay on the pulse of their markets. Whatever the feed application, our heat exchanger enable the supply of products to cats.

    2022/06/24 Ftherm Machinery

  • Benefits and Advantages of Ftherm® Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

    The Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger has a huge variety of uses and processes. This is due to its economical and efficient design that fully serves its contents. An overview of the main propertie

    2022/06/24 Ftherm Machinery

  • Benefits and Advantages of Ftherm® SSHEs

    • Efficient heat transfer due to two heated surfaces• High product flow up to a capacity of 10.000Ltr/h per unit• Low Downtime thanks to open-source maintenance• Highest quality for the right price

    2022/06/24 Ftherm Machinery

  • Ftherm® starch gelatinization system

    low-fat mayonnaise, vegan dips, “clean and green” sauces – the new ftherm starch gelatinization system helps you gain access to the ever-growing market of trend foods. ready for the next step? let’s take your production to a new level – from cold to hot processing to a fast and efficient continuous line.

    2022/06/24 Ftherm Machinery

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