Puff pastry margarine packaging machine

1. Install this set of device behind the resting tube.2. The device can meet the output requirements of 0.5-2.5 tons per hour.3. The device can automatically complete the slicing and packaging requiremen

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Puff pastry margarine (Sheet margarine) packing line is mainly composed of fixed-length cutting, upper film pressing, film cutting and conveying, and automatic stacking in o the box.

Puff pastry margarine packaging machine


Puff pastry margarine (sheet margarine) package line is one of the new products independently researched and developed by our company. It is mainly composed of forming export (connect with resting tube), fixed-length cutting, upper film pressing, film cutting and conveying, and automatic stacking in o the box. The product adopts imported food grade conveyor belt, matching servo motor and world famous microcomputer processing module, electrical component control, realizes full automatic operation, greatly reduces the manpower and the professional skill requirements of operators.


1. Adjustable temperature control for the hot wire knife for clean and easy cutting.

2. Special design on the knife movement to ensure a perfect vertical cut edge.

3. Synchronous fixed length cutting, to ensure the weight consistency of each piece.

4. Alcohol spray onto the conveyor belt for cleanliness and ease of separation.

5. Adjustable cutting length simply by entering value in o touch screen HMI.

6. Each conveyor section is individually speed regulated for flexibility.

7. Production data will be automatically recorded;

8. Equipped with failure alarm device;

9. Every mechanical moving part is equipped with safety protection deivce.


Forming export size: Width: ≤400mm(customized); Standard Thickness: 100-300mm(adjustable) or customized

Cutting Speed(servo motor): max: 30 times/min, Around 15 pcs/min

Vertical tolerance: ±2°

Product weigh tolerance: ±5g per sheet

Product length tolerance: ±1.5mm

Packing material length tolerance: ±3mm

Wrapping mode: left and right / top and bottom

Power consumption: 10KW

Controlled by: individual cabinet and touch screen

Machine Size: around 5800*820*1500mm

Frame Material: SS304 or SS361L

Major component brand: Schneider, Siemens, Weinview etc.,

Puff pastry margarine packing machine

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